Winitiative is a venture builder founded by a global network of people, professionals and companies with the goal of turning great ideas into winning business/nonprofit initiatives.

A W(inning business/nonprofit)initiative is a series of logical and chronological activities enabling innovation and entrepreneurship at the intersection of the Internet, the Internet of Things and the Internet of Energy.

More than 25 years ago Sun Microsystems coined the motto: "The network is the computer". They came up with it in the era of the early introduction of stand-alone, non-networked PCs. Many couldn’t comprehend what SUN was talking about. To them the computer was the new beige 386 sitting on their desk running Windows.

Nowadays we can say, not only that that brilliant intuition has somehow come true with the advent of the cloud computing, but that in such a short time their lively imagination has been overtaken by the reality: the network is each of us (rather than just the computer).

This concept is the essence of Winitiative. Technology is now so good that you can really go beyond your own limits. The internet(s), artificial intelligence, 3D printing, broadband connection, wireless, smartphones, tablets, social networking etc, are driving a social revolution. By interacting with a network of people with different backgrounds, cultures and talents, you can came up with great ideas, develop complex projects and find innovative solutions.

As with all great innovations, they eventually become commodities. Put simply, we can define a commodity as something that is very useful, even indispensable but that you can somehow take for granted.

What does it mean? Only when energy became a commodity did computers emerge and when the computer became a commodity we then had the Internet. In turn, when the Internet became a commodity it heralded the arrival of the so-called Web 2.0 era. Now, as social networking becomes commodified, we are laying the foundations for the next opportunities to emerge. They are difficult to identify exactly at this time, but we think that they will be found at the intersection of the internet, the internet of things and the internet of energy and will be based on the power you can get through networking, cross-cultural/disciplinary aptitude and state-of-the-art technology.

We respect everyone and everything, from people to rules, but not the status quo. There is always a margin for improvement and we love the surge of adrenaline springing from the opportunity to push the envelope.